Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Extreme duel fighting! (stunts extreme video clip)

Duel - Fighting Action Scene - More bloopers are a click away

Some AWESOME wushu fighting!! These stunt fighters are excellent. And you can see in this extreme stunt video how great they are and how awesome the choreography has been done in action scenes like these. Great extreme video, great fighting, just awesome stuff!! Real talent! Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme

Extreme snowboarding crashes and falls (Extreme sport video)

Snowboard - Crashes - Click here for more blooper videos

Extreme sports video clip compilation of snowboard crashes. Snowboarding is one extreme sport and crashes and injuries are part of the game. Check out this extreme snowboarding video. Some great crashes. Respect peoples! Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme

Train crash with nuclear and toxic waste (extreme crash video)

Spectacular 100mph Train Crash Test - Watch more amazing videos here

Spectacular video clip of a train filled with toxic and nuclear waste crashing into a wall as a test! Extreme crash video definately. It's a lot of money wasted on this test, but sure is awesome. Great extreme video clip. Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Great fight with free for all at the end (Extreme fighting video clip)

The Great Fight - Funny videos are here

Where are the days when the whole crowd starts throwing chairs and starts a whole big free for all fight at a boxing or wrestling match? Well, if you miss those days, dont worry, because you can watch this great fight and see what happens at the end. Great extreme fighting video. It really was a great fight, but it got even better when everyone joined in the fight. Enjoy! Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme

Extreme driving - Car cuts Cucumbers!! (Extreme video clip)

Car Cut Cucumber - Watch today’s top amazing videos here

A very cool video showing some extreme driving. This japanese driver is cutting cucumbers drifting with his car. Extreme video! Wow, he really has some skills. Great extreme driving video clip. Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme

Monday, 1 December 2008

Jackie Chan Top 10 Stunts (Extreme stunts video clip)

Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts - Click here for funny video clips

Disputably one of the greatest stuntmen and action heroes of all time, with countless movies behind his name - Jackie Chan. He does all his own stunts and broke almost every bone in his body, almost dying a few times. This video is a tribute to this great martial arts and stunt master, showing his 10 greatest stunts. This guy truly is amazing and there is only one like him. We can also learn to do extreme stunts, but will never be like Jackie.
Enjoy this action packed stunt video compilation. Great extreme stunt video. Only Jacky is so crazy to laugh in the face of death all for the sake of entertainment. We salute you man! Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme

Bone Jarring Skateboard Crashes (Extreme sports video)

Skate Crashes - More bloopers are a click away

A great extreme sports compilation video clip of some bone jarring skateboard crashes, falls and injuries. Some are quite disturbing, so viewer discretion is advised, hehe. Maybe these guys should go for some extreme skateboarding lessons. Anyway, great extreme video, enjoy!

Inline Skating double backflip! (Extreme sports video)

Inline Skates Double Backflip - Amazing videos are here

Extreme inline skating video clip of a guy doing a double backflip! Great stuff. Real hard trick. Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme

Extreme motorcycle stunts video!

Extreem Stunts On Motorbikes - More amazing videos are a click away

Great Motorcycle stunts video. These guys are great with their extreme bike stunts. Awesome stuff and great video clip compilation. It's amazing to see these guys doing these insane stunts on huge bikes. Their balance must be out of this world! Great stuff! Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Extreme Prison Fights! (Prison fighting video)

Prison Fights - The funniest videos clips are here

Extreme video clip of prison fights. These guys are just as brutal as inside prison as they are outside. Sucker punches and stabbings are the norm in brutal fights like these. Great extreme fighting video! Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme

Extreme BMX Video clip - Guy Pulls a 900!!

Bmx Video - Watch more amazing videos here

Great little extreme BMX video clip of a guy pulling a 900 at the x-games. Awesome stuff! Very difficult trick, but well executed! Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme

X-Games Skateboarding Big Airs (Extreme skateboarding video clip)

X Games 12 Big Air - The funniest videos are a click away

This is some great video footage from the X Games. In this extreme skateboarding video you will some big skateboard airs. Great skateboard video. Totally awesome stuff by these extreme sportsmen. If you want to know how they do these awesome skateboard tricks, Click Here! Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme

Extreme Moto-X in by Travis Pastrana (Extreme Moto X video)

Travis Pastrana X-games Fmx 2006 - The best home videos are here

This is Moto X as extreme as it comes. In this extreme sports video we see Travis Pastrana in the 2006 X-Games doing his thing. He is amazing! Check out his backwards Lazy boy flip, a trick that he invented. This is one extreme dude. Great bike video. Go to newest extreme videos of OracleXtreme